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What's it like to work with me?


Well, in my opinion, fabulous. (But don’t take it from me.


Being your photographer is a big responsibility - one that I’m honored to have. One that makes me work so hard for you. I am the type that doesn't want to show up and snap a few photos. I want you to look at these photos and remember the feeling.


We’re making more than photographs - we’re documenting memories. We’re creating heirlooms that your families will treasure for years. These photos will be admired by your future grandbabies. They'll hang in homes for generations to come!

This isn't going to be an awkward prom pose, camera up in your face type of deal.


It’s also why I’m all about what’s REAL - I’m not here for the poses - although we’ll do those too. I won’t ask you to re-enact something or pretend he said something hilarious. I want you to embrace all that is you and your person. In short, I want you to have a damn good time.


I’m about the candid moments, the details otherwise forgotten, the tears your dad fights back - maybe successfully, maybe not - and those fleeting, once-in-a-lifetime (literally!) moments.  I want my photos to tell a story. Your story.


And I’m here to do more than snap photos - when your carefully planned schedule goes off track or you forgot your something blue, I’ll be right there with you to improvise and make sure that in the end, it’s still the day you’ve been dreaming of.

We'll laugh, you'll dance and maybe crack open some beers.

I want these photos to set fire to your soul. I want you to feel something. Feelings along with the belly laughs, the quirky smiles and the insanely adorable snuggling you're about to do.

Let loose & fall in love all over again.

Love letters


Client Reviews

Bethany & Julian

There are honestly no words to accurately describe how incredible Jess is. Not only does she create breathtaking art through her photography, she helps cultivate the intimate moments that allow her to capture the sweetest seasons of your life. She is reliable, an immediate friend and encourager to her clients, and makes people feel instantly comfortable and confident in front of a camera...which is not an easy to do. Our experience with Jess was nothing but incredible! She has a way of making everything feel fun, exciting, and natural, so you can stop worrying about looking good and simply cherish the moment with your loved ones. These are the times that create the best photos and Jess has the eye and skill it takes to perfectly capture them for you to treasure forever

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